You can take screenshots of this post to read over and over again later because I will be deleting it by tomorrow Previously, I wanted to make this post as 100k in 24 hours and then I realised that not a lot of people know about dropshipping. So 10 days is a reasonable amount of time for a newbie to get results
If you are familiar with dropshipping you will attest to the fact that it is a very lucrative business model.

If you don’t know what dropshipping is, allow me to enlighten you.
Dropshipping is a retail business model where a seller (you) sells a product directly from the supplier or wholesaler to the buyer without purchasing the product first or keeping an inventory.
**Please refer to the second image provided for proper illustration.**
Now, let’s go back to the main topic of discussion which is How to Make 100k in 10 Days as a Dropshipper.

There are 7 steps you must diligently to achieve 100k in 10 days and I will list them with details. Keep reading this post to know them all.

1. The first thing you need to do is find a lucrative product with a cheap cost price. E.g. Contact lens is sold for N3, 500-N5, 000 and its cost price is N1, 000-N1, 500.
Make sure you negotiate properly with the wholesaler to get the best deal for 3 pcs and above.
Also, the supplier must have more than 20 pcs of that item in stock. This will prevent you from running into issues with delivery when a customer places an order.

2. Set up with a reliable delivery company that will pick up the item from the wholesaler, cross check to make sure it’s the same product they showed you and get it delivered to the customer.
I would advise you take your time to find a really trustworthy delivery company that will assure you of crosschecking the product when picking up because some suppliers would want to try something funny and this is because they’ve realised you aren’t coming to pick up by yourself.

3. Generate a list of potential buyers by using a lead magnet through Facebook Ads and an already created website or landing page.
**Lead magnet means an offer (It could be free information, a free product, etc.) to attract the attention of a potential buyer either to you or to a product you’re selling**
If we are using contact lens as an example of a product to dropship, what do you think our lead magnet should be?
Let me show you what it would look like: “5 People Who Went Blind After Wearing Contact Lens. Click Here for More Info>>http/
It sounds negative, yes, but I can assure you it will get people visiting your landing page because bad news gets the most attention and we will exploit it for our benefit as well.
After explaining the negative parts, you give them the solution and get them to sign up with their contact details for another FREE gift.

I love collecting emails and WhatsApp number so that I can advertise to these potential buyers using my WhatsApp marketing Software and email bulk sender. Also, the promotions on WhatsApp and email are 100% FREE as well!

I end up only spending a small amount in Facebook Ads the first time and my 2-10th ad is 100% free because I’m using 2 powerful softwares to target my customers at zero cost!
If you don’t know anything about landing pages, there is an alternative method to use WhatsApp group but I can’t explain it here. It’s only for a selected people who are serious about implementing the method.

4. Setup step 1-3 within 2 days so that you can have enough time to promote your product using Facebook Ads.

5. Promote the lead magnet and the product with an aim to get 50 people to sign up with their email addresses and WhatsApp number.
From personal experience, I have experienced 7-10% conversion using WhatsApp marketing software and 2% using emails.
Let’s do the math then.
If you can get 50 people to submit their contacts daily, with proper marketing, you should be able to get 3-5 to make a purchase through retargeting marketing; and if the cost of each contact lens is N5000 (minus delivery fee), 3-5 sales mean N15,000-N25,000 per day.
In a matter of 4-8 days, you can hit the 100k target either as your revenue or profit.

6. Make sure you don’t stop running ads.
The misconception people have about ads is that running it once is enough and that’s a very BIG LIE!
Just because you run ads today doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep it up for 30 days.
If the issue you have is “where will I get the money to keep creating ad campaigns?”, then you are just being stingy to your business.
When you make N15, 000, take out the cost and calculate your profit. With only N3, 000 spent on ads every day, you will get better results in 30 days compared to someone who spends N10, 000 in ads just one day in a week.
Keep it in mind that the more eyes you capture with your ads, the more sales you will make daily.

7. Always re-invest back into the business at least within the first 1-2 months.
Yes, you can enjoy some of the profits but this is business. If you spend everything, you’ll return to square 1 and start searching on google “how to start a business without capital”.
Don’t be like that. Re-invest.

That’s it on how to make 100k in 10 days as a local Dropshipper.
PPS: To achieve this amount within 10 days, you must have the following things ready:
-You must have at least a beginner’s idea on how to create Facebook ads. I think I have a video on that somewhere. If I find it, I'll add it to the next post.
-You must know how to create landing pages or learn how to create it.
-You must learn how to set up email marketing
-You must have WhatsApp marketing software (I giveaway a free version to my students)
-You must do proper research on the product you wish to sell because the buyers will carry out their own research as well, and you will look unserious if you have no idea about what they are saying.
-You must be ready to handle negative comments and use the block button effectively against other sellers who try to sabotage your advert and promote their own product or service in the comment section.

You can also set a couple of words as blocked words and have Facebook block those people the moment they make such comments automatically.
Unfortunately, it cannot be avoided in group posts. It can only be done on page.
-You must have more than 1 seller available because your major supplier may run out of stock and forget to tell you.

-You must be ready to sacrifice your time from 8am-6pm every day within the first few weeks because it’s a new venture for a lot of people and you need to keep a proper eye on everything to analyse the results.

This way, you will know what to stop doing, what states to stop targeting in your ads, what age makes the most purchase and the gender that is cheaper to target.
I need to check my libraries and cloud backups to see if I have guides on all the above to share with everyone reading this post. If I find it, I'll publish it with my next post.
I also wanted to talk about HOW TO GET CUSTOMERS TO PAY BEFORE DELIVERY but it will make this already long post even longer.

If this post gets positive feedbacks, I will publish it as a post later today.
Got a question?
Ask it in the comment section and I will respond to it.
Enjoy the rest of your day.

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