How to publish your Facebook page

How to get approval for your unpublished Facebook Page


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How to publish your Facebook page

1. What is unpublished Facebook page?

2. Why do Facebook unpublished Facebook page?

3. How can you publish your Facebook page?

What is unpublished Facebook page?

What is a Facebook page first of all? A Facebook page is a well detailed description front page where information about you, your business or services is been presented for the public to see.

Unpublished Facebook page is a Facebook page that has been restricted to be seen by people to
like, its invisible and cannot be see anymore for its posts. When a facebook page is unpublished it becomes invisible to all, except the owner or admin(s).

Why do Facebook page get unpublished?

Very strange that Facebook unpublished your page, it might be fishy or suspicious.

  • Its promotes odd images or videos.
  • Its sells illegal or deceptive items or information
  • It promote pornographic portray.
  • It promotes scams.
  • Its promotes illegal drugs.
  • It promote crimes.
  • I offer genuine business and my page was unpublished.

For a matter of fact, so many people get their Facebook unpublished deliberately, why some didn't know.

Sometimes, there's a mass banned of Pages by Facebook owner for no just reason, you wake up one day and doom, "Your Facebook page has been blocked, disabled or unpublished or the worst, deleted. So sorry...

But now how can you get you unpublished page back?

How to get your unpublished facebook page back?

One sure and best way to get your Facebook unpublished page back is to write an appeal on or for that particular page.

There's always an appeal box for writing a short but well comprehended write up, after writing you're to forward the appeal to the Facebook support teams and boom, in less that two minutes. Guess what? Your page is visible again and everyone can see it again.

NB: Don't be too forward

Mind you, for you to get your page publish again. It must be a sincere page.

Page that has to be genuine service, products or business. It will be published asap.

What happens to me who run a sugarmummy page, date page, sec products selling page, page with high tension. Well, the truth be sad, you can't really do it by your self. But, you'll need to Hirejames NG to assist you for a token.

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