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How to make money as an Online model

 Making money online is nothing new. The online community keeps developing for everyone to have their own mind set showcased to over millions who has the will to widen out their way to make money online. How-to-make-money-as-a-model-online, is it possible to make money as a model from the internet? To give you a straight forward answer... That will be YES

As a model, there are so many ways models can make money to the extreme and during this discuss, i will highlight some of this ways which you can make money as a money.


I will give you a wide knowledge on how online modeling works, how you can utilize yourself as an online model.

This video will list out the ways to monetize yourself as a model

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Top 10 Blogs in Africa – Best Blogs in 2020

Blogging started merely as a means of sharing ideas with people online and something most people do just for the fun of it. But in recent times, it has become a very lucrative means of generating passive income online from the comfort of your home, while doing what you are passionate about. Really there can never be an easy way of making money online such as these. Only few people were able to catch the trend when it started and soon turned it into a career. In this post, we will be looking at the top 10  blogs in Africa.

One thing to note that a blog is different from a professional website, e-commerce website, forum or social media website. Although they all consist of web pages which are linked together to form a website. The difference is in the features and functionality of each website. A blog mostly consists of the site owner sharing posts while viewers comment. The viewers can only read posts but cannot edit or delete anything from the blog. 
Having defined what a blog is and the distinguishing factor from other websites, let’s jump right into the list of the top 10 blogs in Africa. The list cut across various industries and niche.

Top 10 Blogs in Africa

  1. Lindaikeji’s Blog
  2. Africa on the Rise
  3. Techpoint Africa
  4. Allafrica
  5. Healthian
  6. Bella Naija 
  7. Pulseng
  8. Fiona Rosita, Inspired Living
  9. Naijaloaded
  10. Samomblog


  1. Linda Ikeji’s Blog (lindaikejisblog.com): Lindaikeji is a well known blogger from Nigeria who’s had several controversial issues with lots of celebrities due to her breaking news about them which let many cats out of the bag, enjoys many website traffic which she will easily pass messages to with the help of her mac book pro (Apple laptop) and the internet connection. Linda Ikeji who quit her modelling career and invested most of her time on her blog which is currently worth millions of dollars
  2. Africa on the Rise ( https://www.africa-ontherise.com): Africa on the Rise is an award winning blog based on 2015. The blog shared articles relating to Africa and African technology. They won the award for the best Africa blog in 2016.

  1. Techpoint.africa: The number of tech startups is continuously increasing in different parts of the world. And Africa is not an exception. That is why this blog features a huge following due to its contents that are specifically targeted to startups. You will read not only about different ideas on what your next startup should be but also great stories about these businesses and their humble beginnings and how they were ready to cope up during this ever-changing world.

  1. Allafrica (allafrica.com): Their major focus is on systems technology development and the largest electronic distributor of African news and information worldwide. If you are looking for news on Travel and Tourism, then you can count on them. The blog is based in South Africa.
  2. TheSocialLite (TheSocialLite.co.za): The social Lite is  is an entertainment blog that focuses on trending issues, movies and general entertainment, there’s never a full moment on their platform.
  3. Bellanaija (Bellanaija.com): Bellanaija was founded by Uche Eze, a nigerian online magazine and blog that focuses on news, entertainment, fashion, lifestyle, and other media contents, but the blog enjoys more views on fashion contents.

  1. Pulseng (Pulse.ng):– Pulse Nigeria also delivers Nigerian breaking news on gist, movies, celebrities, music, lifestyle and events. They started making massive trends online with the help of their street interviews (Pulse Vox) which seems to be really interesting to several , because it always seems to be really hilarious.

8. Fiona Rossiter, Inspired Living (https://www.inspiredlivingsa.co.za/): Fiona covers a wide range of topics, from food and wine to travel, accommodation, decor, beauty and everything in between. Based in Cape Town, her blog has a varied target market across ages, genders and locations.

  1. Naijaloaded  (naijaloaded.ng):- Naijaloaded is one of Africa’s largest online portal, launched on the 1st of october, 2009, founded by Makinde Azeez. They post contents related to news, music, videos, football updates, and funny posts, which makes trends after an article is posted  on any of the listed categories on the blog.

10. Samomblog (Samomblog.co.za): A visit to samomblogs.co.za is enough to brighten anyone’s day thanks to the fascinating contents that it offers. You can deem example “How Child’s Farm helped my child’s flaky hair,” “{Product Review} Five reasons why the Sylvanian Families Supermarket adds value to your child’s play experience,” and “Meet Amelia and determine why she wrote a personalised book about adoption.”
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How to Make money from WhoGoHost?

There are so many Hosting Company website out there and many of them are very poor in the standard theyre running from. Have you ever thought of changing your current Hosting Comany to a new one? Well, if you want another Hosting company you want to stick with for a long time, I encourage to use WhoGoHost.

Here is what you will gain from reading:

Who is WhoGoHost

How to create an Account with WhoGoHost?

Can I get Cheap Hosting plan from WhoGoHost? 

How to Register a new Domain Name?

How Can I make money with WhoGoHost?


Also: Check out some of Whogohost Hosting Plans

So, you see that you do not need to miss out from reading this post to the end.

 Register an Account Now

Who is WhoGoHost?

Whogohost is a top web hosting provider with over 70,000 active domains and counting. They offer varied services to help businesses and individuals succeed online. You can purchase from over 400 domain extensions, affordable web hosting plans, email hosting and many more. Come pay them a visit to be a part of their growing family. You may also contact their support anytime 24/7.


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Who is the CEO of WhoGoHost?


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How to create an Account with WhoGoHost?

For you to get access to creating  an account visit there Official Website and create an account. You can get the account for free, which you can buy Domains from and as well Hosting plan that suite your budget.


Get cheap domain is very very easy with WhoGoHost and you can get even cheap Dot NG domain if you base in Nigeria and you want to get your own blog or business portfolio for your business.

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How can you make money on WhoGoHost?

WhoGoHost has made it easy for you to make money as a marketer or blogger. How do you make money is by referring people to buy from WhoGoHost and you will be paid for everyone who uses your affiliate link to register and buy an Hosting plan or Domain Name.


Recommendation: Use whogohost hosting


For this to be activated for Whogohost affiliate, you need to first register an account with them and then your affiliate link will be available to you. This is how you can easily make money from WhoGoHost.


In case, you want to know how much is hosting on whogohost, check here


In conclusion: I recommend you to use WhoGoHost to buy your Domain and Hosting.

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Alternative to Clickbank in Nigeria 2020

Many people have heard about Clickbank and they went on to ask questions like:
  • Is Clickbank available in Nigeria?
  • What is better than Clickbank?
  • Is Clickbank still profitable in 2020?
  • Is a ClickBank account free?
  • Alternative to Clickbank in Nigeria 2020
Clickbank remains one of the top affiliate programs in the world. Unlike some other affiliate networks that barely accept Nigerians ClickBank does that without a blink of an eyelid. 
However, as an online entrepreneur in Nigeria, you can’t afford to bank all your eggs in one basket, which is the sole reason for this article. Aside from ClickBank, there are other affiliate networks to bank on in Nigerian. So in this article, I will be listing just two other affiliate networks that can serve as an alternative. Just in case you are looking to spread your tentacles or probably you are looking to join other affiliate networks aside ClickBank. But I will be narrowing it down to just two. 

Best Clickbank Alternatives for Nigerians: Complete list 2020

So what are these two alternatives you can bank on and still make your legit huge earning?
They are 

    JvZoo and
    Warrior forum.

Just before I got a clear difference on the two I used to believe they are of the same platform. But that’s just an assumption, not a real fact. The two are two different affiliate platforms with difference modus of operandi. Just in a bit, you will see how the two works.

JvZoo Marketplace
JvZoo Marketplace being of one of major affiliate program still accepts Nigerian. Though the process of signing up is not as easier as that of ClickBank since ClickBank accept you upon registration. For JvZoo it must be approved before you can start promoting vendors’ products. Basically, It takes a few days to be accepted in the platform but where the hitches come is not been accepted by a particular vendor to promote a specific product. However, this is a rare case as most time Jvzoo automatically approves this. So you don’t need to worry much.
But one factor that you must bear in mind before you head on to sign up is the Paypal that is required upon registration. This is the only requirement at the moment you need before you can sign up for JvZoo. Create a Paypal account that can be able to send and receive payment here in Nigeria then head into to JvZoo to get your account created. 
Just before you ask why Paypal is required upon registration, this is to enable them to get a direct access to your PayPal account so that in a case where buyers ask of refund after making a certain payment, they can make the refund without hassle. But just before you promote any product. Make sure you have tested the product so as to retain your customer trust.

Warrior forum.
This is another awesome affiliate program. This affiliate program is not for everyone as it only promotes product meant for only bloggers, webmasters, and internet marketers. This simply means that if you are in any other niche such as health, there is no need of signing up. One good thing about Warrior forum is that it has a site “Warrior plus” that helps you know how to register as an affiliate. 

Likewise JvZooit makes use of papal for its payment. So before you head over to worriorforum.com get a PayPal account that can also send and receive money here In Nigeria.
Hopefully I guess this paypal nigeria creation guide will be of help just incase. 
That’s it and you will be ready to withdraw your earning while promoting people’s products.
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How to Start a Business with No Money

Been broke sometimes may bring several thoughts to mind, can i start a business without having a dim? Questions such as this has been the most asked question.

That's the screen shot from Google.

  1. How to Start a Business with No Money?
  2. Can i Start a Business with No Money

 That's also shown on Google.... 

One thing you should also note is that, student also ask questions such as this also. But the truth is now here and ready to be opened up.The question is:-


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Can I start a business with no Cash?

I can tell you a straight answer right away and that is YES..... I can tell you YES.. YES... YES... as much as you ask the question. Just telling you YES isn't going to solve the issue.

So, let get to the chaste of the Topic......

How to Start a Business with No Money?

Here, am going to share several ways I personally make money online... Very awesome to know, it's very very productive. In this video, I shared several ways I make money online (especially on facebook). Watch this video and get the secrets....

Watch other videos on my Channel

 Do not miss a single part of the video, you will see several ways that you can monetize your facebook.


Additional ways to make money online


In conclusion: There are a million ways to make money online even without spending a dim to start up the business.

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